Fields, Prancing and Grad Parties: Hello Summer

I love summer; a season of relaxation, change, celebration and excitement.

It starts off with all the grad parties, in which people come together to celebrate the hard work of individuals and wish them good luck on their new adventures.

A year ago, that was me.

Today, that’s Fe.

No one puts baby in the corner
No one puts baby in the corner

She is our 16 year old foreign exchange student from Stuttgart, Germany. I met her two years ago in my backyard, when her family came to pick up her brother, who was my neighbor and had done his foreign exchange program here. I remember her teaching us the dance to some song I listened to at the time, sharing music and making fun of her brother (sorry Andy, we love you).

We received an email from her family shortly after asking if it was alright if we decided to let her stay with us for a year. It was one of the best decisions ever.

She is like a sister to me, she’s seen me through my worst and my best. She’s given me advice through someone else’s eyes and she has been one of the people that taught me to love myself more. For the things that she has done, I could never repay. But it’s okay… I will see her next year in Paris and drag her back with me to the states when I have to move back (no worries, there will be another blog post in depth about Fe, it’s still in the works).



It was at her grad party that the reality of what is about to happen within the next months hit me, just like a year ago I realized that I was starting a new chapter in my life. As her friends trickled in, and a few of my own, I realized that time is something that is so valuable that we let go to waste.


We never know the things that will happen tomorrow, in a week, in a month or in a year. A year ago, if you had told me that I would be moving to Paris, I would have laughed at you and said “in my dreams”.

Those dreams are now becoming a reality.

Now, it’s a continuous thing I am being reminded of. “Oh, you’re going to miss…”, when I receive emails talking about medical and visa information, and application after application.

I am about to move to a city… let alone, another country… on the other side of the WORLD.

So my friends and I went on a little photo shoot, and little things like this I will miss… Fields, prancing and the wide open spaces.


I'm a bird!
I’m a bird!
Hey, I stole Veronica's camera.
Hey, I stole Veronica’s camera.
"The lighting is perfect! Do something!"
“The lighting is perfect! Do something!”
Model, pose
Model, pose
Will you stop awkwardly taking pictures?
Will you stop awkwardly taking pictures?
Celebrating fields and summer
Celebrating fields and summer
"My arm is weird" "No, it's perfect"
“My arm is weird”
“No, it’s perfect”
Wait, what am I doing?
Wait, what am I doing?
I'm going to act like I know what I'm doing...
I’m going to act like I know what I’m doing…
Hey, you're pretty
Hey, you’re pretty
Photo Cred: Rachel Bullard So artsy
Photo Cred: Rachel Bullard
So artsy


And that would sum up our photo session. It was a blast, and shows my beginning of summer. I can’t wait to relax and celebrate my final moments here until my new life begins. I’m going to enjoy what this summer has in store because moments are precious. Who knows where we will be in a year?



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