Why I Chose Journalism

For years I questioned what I wanted to be when I grew up. Things ranged from writer to actress to doctor to singer… But at the age of 13, I had the idea that journalism or music was the route I wanted to take.

Yet, when I graduated from high school I still questioned it. Journalism is a dying fieldpeople would tell me. As I studied the lives of my favorite journalists, recent ones barely studied journalism. A lot of them studied law. So when I graduated, I revealed that I wanted to study international relations with the intent of going to law school after graduating.

It didn’t feel right.

On June 24th, 2012, HBO came out with a show called The Newsroom. On June 24th, I fell in love with the idea that journalism was the route for me. My senior journalism teacher asked how many of us had happened to see the show. I was the only one to raise my hand. She asked me what I thought about it and I replied, “it made me think about going into journalism”.  She nodded and replied with, “they have set it up to be quite realistic, trust me. That is exactly how a newsroom looks and mostly works.”

Gina Quattrocchi (local news anchor) and I in my senior year journalism class. I got to job shadow her and it was amazing.
Gina Quattrocchi (local news anchor) and I in my senior year journalism class. I got to job shadow her and it was amazing.

CBS anchor Dan Rather said about the show, “The depiction of election night sets, control rooms, programming, directing and anchoring is very good … This one is at least as good as any and better than most; in my opinion it’s the best there has been.”

Now, my plan of study is to major in both journalism and international relations.

Journalism is a field in which you are always learning. The day to day life is not the same. Granted, the show isn’t spot on. It is television and it is meant for entertainment. But Jeff Daniels, who plays the main character, Will Mcavoy, revealed that “art is suppose to question, make you think”. In the end, I think the same thing about journalism. What we read and who we watch on television really helps depict what someone’s opinion is going to be. You have MSNBC which leans left and you have FOX News Channel which leans right, two main leading news networks.

It was in 2008 when I began to strongly think about journalism, other than music, as a career. I loved watching how journalists asked Barack Obama and John McCain questions, thinking that they were part of helping the people decide in the end who would win the Presidential race.

When people tell me that journalism is  a dying field, I don’t agree. If that statement were true then journalism has always been a dying field. From print to television to the internet, journalism has always been changing and surviving. To be part of historical moments, and just breaking the facts… that has to be an amazing feeling.



P.S. This is one of my favorite clips from the show. 


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