Through My Eyes

I miss your kiss pressed against my lips,
Our bodies tangled between the morning sheets.
The proof from the night before used to lay with the pounding in our heads and the beat of our hearts.

I miss that look in your eyes,
Those sweet, blue eyes
That would stare into mine.

I miss the touch of your hands,
How scarred and rough they felt.
They were the proof of your life.

I miss our car rides,
The trees in full bloom,
The smile on your face when I would sing along.

I miss the rush of the city,
The way it all felt so new
How it felt so good with you.

I miss your coffee breath
When I would walk in
Your raspy voice saying hello.

I miss how you would pick me up effortlessly,
The way you made me feel
Like every inch of my body belonged to me.

I still feel that kiss on my forehead
From the night I told you my secrets.
I felt reassured as you held my hands through the dark.

That night when we danced in your room,
Me in that beat up old sweatshirt of yours.
The one you gave me to remember you by.

That wine stain on your couch?
I put that there the night we couldn’t find anything to do in that beat up old town.
I hope it reminds you I passed through.

Now these memories feel like tidal waves.
I wish I could box them up,
Send them back to you.

I wish they could show you what you did,
How my wall came down with you around.
All these memories through my eyes.

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