Little Black Book

Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia. ~E.L. Doctorow


I always find I feel most inspired as I walk around this city or on the metro when my thoughts are high above the clouds. Then when the daily dose of reality begins, my mind forgets.

I have been telling myself to get a diary for a while now, to keep a more personal record of these experiences I am living here. My best lines tend to come to me while I am in the midst of working, school or a time when I cannot sit down to write it out.

The other day I stumbled upon a store called FNAC, France’s equivalent to a Barnes and Noble’s, and found a blank paged, black journal that I absolutely fell in love with. The first page is a map of the world, in which I have marked the places I have been to. The rest I have begun to fill with my thoughts, emotions, ideas and so forth.

I have always been told that writers always carry paper and pen. In this day and age, I always said I had my phone. There is something more personal and touching to something hand written, where I can scribble, paste tickets, receipts and pictures. Somewhere that I feel I can completely express my thoughts and emotions without being interrupted by notifications and phone calls.

I am absolutely in love with my little black book that I carry everywhere.



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13 thoughts on “Little Black Book

  1. I am SO with you on writing on paper, It’s like every turn and every line you write comes alive and you can shape / edit the way it feels and sounds, good call on buying the notepad 🙂

      1. I’m so addicted to stationery it’s terrible. My fave place to buy it is on Rue St Dominique in the 7th. Just opposite the Irish Pub O’Briens. If you’re in the market for another… 🙂

  2. You know the computer really helped the pen and paper disappear however, I do like the feel and smell of paper and the art of handwriting even more. I hope you keep writing in that little black book and from time to time keep us in mind and share with us a little part of your journey like you have here.

    1. Thank you! That’s the whole plan, I just needed a place to write my thoughts when I can’t on here and something a little more personal. 🙂 thanks for being part of the journey with me!

  3. Hi Veronica! Congratulations! Because you are blogger I’ve lately been enjoying a lot, I have nominated you for a Liebster Award! It’s sort of a chain-letter award bloggers give to other bloggers they really dig. If you accept, you can find the rules by visiting and reading my post, “I was Nominated for a Liebster!” It calls out you and a few other bloggers I am just so fully rooting for. Keep writing!

    1. Thank you so much for nominating me! I do not really do a shout out post but have a whole page (Awards) where I give a shout out to the person who nominated me. I will change that sometime before this weekend 🙂 Thank you again and congratulations!

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