City of Lies

Going through old files and found this old song I wrote back in 2011 (age 16). Liked the mood and changed it around to make it a poem. It is fun to stumble upon old stuff you forgot about!

IMG_1427Memories consume me,
Cities drawn in the sky.
Photos on tabletops
Of the lives that we led.

Your deep brown eyes lit up the sky,
Showed me no fear.
Everything just felt fine.
I had you near.

Our last night felt alive
Of what we had out planned.
You held me captivated
but now I must see the truths you held as lies.

Picture perfect lives,
I traveled all the miles
To see those sweet faces,
The ones that waited.

You wanted me right there,
I wanted to be right here.
I tried to see things clear
But I was just blinded.

The cities that were waiting for us,
We kept them waiting.
The ocean kept begging us
To stay in love.
We had our minds set,
Things got revealed.
Now we lie in our tears,
I hope you can see things have cleared.

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