Attacks and the Effects of Social Media 

Before I start, I don’t mean to personally attack or make anyone feel uncomfortable. I also want to say, I love Belgium, I love Brussels and love the family I have in that country. I am so grateful that they are OK.

Getting that out of the way, I want to say something that has been nagging me about social media. I saw it when the November attacks of Paris happened, and I am seeing it again with Brussels.

I can’t deny I am a social media junkie, and obviously when the Paris attacks happened it was an easy route to let my family and friends know I was safe, but something I can’t handle is the tourist pictures from a while back posted as a status and saying something along the lines of “… I was there (enter the date you happened to be in the country) and it could have happened to me! We walked those beautiful streets and I can’t believe it is happening to that amazing country”.

Please do not make these attacks about you. Please do not post that picture for more likes. Please, if you are going to say anything, say it from the sincerity of the heart. Please, start a conversation about how we can change this, the problems the world is facing today and why. Make it about the victims, about the people who lost their lives today who did not deserve it. You have the chance to see another sunrise.

I like social media. I think it can be used as a tool, a message board, a way to debate, a way of safety… We have seen the power of social media and new technology. It can ruin us as much as it can help us. I hope we choose it as a way to help.

Belgium, you are a beautiful country. You did not deserve what happened to you today. It is just another reminder that we should not forget about the tragic events that keep happening. Life is short. Hug those dear to you. Tell them you love them, and most importantly, show them.  Today may be the last. Remember that it is not only Belgium, but that there are multiple places in the world where this is a daily occurrence. My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families.



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2 thoughts on “Attacks and the Effects of Social Media 

    1. Thank you so much. Yeah, it was not the first time I saw something like this… Finally felt like I should say something. Mine was mostly with Facebook though. Did not see twitter…

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