Come Spring, New Challenges

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I am so stoked for what I am about to do… I have dared myself this month to do the April A to Z Challenge! If you have never done it before (like me), it happens in the month of April and one must post each day (except Sundays). Each day, you follow the order of the alphabet and your post revolves around that letter. Day one, start with “A”, day two, “B”, and so forth…

Friends - So Much Fun

I have been wanting to challenge myself to post more often, and I feel like this is an interesting way to do just that and helps me set goals.

Most people tend to give their month a theme, and that is where the “big reveal” comes in. I am somewhat behind on this, because the reveal date was supposed to be March 21st, but I am trying my best to catch up! So… what will this year’s theme be for me?

Avril à Paris (April in Paris) – featuring short stories, poems, French words, historical facts and thoughts about life as an expat.

I am so excited about this month! I can’t deny that I am beginning a little behind, but I have always been a person who loves to hit the ground running. Can’t wait to see what this challenge brings and the new bloggers I will discover.



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