Dirty Old Box

There is a box in my mind
Which I’ve tried to put far behind.
The memories of its kind
Once tried to make me blind.

I blow the dust off,
Flying into the air
I find that life is not fair.

I have learned that Spain
Has left a stain
On that childhood pain.

It is a beautiful mess
Of a heart that could care less.

Now I want to meet that country again,
And maybe try to gain
A different kind of reign.

I want to meet my roots
Without the chains.d


2 thoughts on “Dirty Old Box

  1. Oh. Maybe you should try and take the leap. You never know what is waiting.

    Blogging from A-Z,

    Naila Moon of:
    Reading Authors-http://readingauthors.blogspot.com/
    Just the Stuff Ya Know-http://yaknowstuff.blogspot.com/

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