Enfants: A Letter to the Girls I Babysit

*I am behind one day. I plan on catching up by Saturday (either posting two posts that day) or Sunday, by adding a post. 

Dear Girls,

You have no idea how much I love coming to pick you girls up from school and see little L running down the stairs to come and give me a hug, seeing A come out and giving a shy smile. I love walking hand in hand, talking about the day and learning new words with you.

You girls do not understand the struggle I had last year with my old host family and how difficult it was for me. You have asked and I have dropped a few hints, but I want you girls to know more about the amazing year I have had with you than the past that was hell.

I see myself in you girls, I see myself and my little sister. The fights and yelling, the crying about not sharing and the jealousy for one another. I just want to let you girls know that one day, your sister will be your best friend and one of the ONLY people in the world who will understand your story better than anyone else in the world. You girls are bright and intelligent, and can do whatever you put your mind to. I know speaking a foreign language is difficult (and you roll your eyes when I tell you to repeat in English), but trust me out of my own experience, it will be better in the long run to have a good base in a language. It opens so many doors!

Coming and picking  you guys up from school is always exciting and I can’t wait for our afternoon together. Our little battles on the Wii, our drawings together and making dinner for the family.

You girls have made this the year the one I always felt I should have had last year, and you know what? You’ve probably even made it ten times better.

Thank you my loves,


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