Yay! I am finally caught up (due to the fact that today is rest day).

On Thursday, I woke up exhausted and needing a change. I had recently written about my confusion of the word “Home” and what it means to me. So, like I said in that article, I wanted to cut my hair.

And I did.

I woke up Thursday knowing that it was the day. I walked into a hair salon, they took me right there and then and cut my hair. I was nervous due to the fact that I was giving total control of my hair to someone and having to explain what I want in a foreign language. Not a trim… But a drastic change.

I’m happy with the result and it’s cuter than I expected it to be. I was cutting away the past, and I’m confronting my future in this beautiful city.



4 thoughts on “Haircut 

  1. I woke up the other day and was like I NEED CHANGE too, but instead of cutting my hair (I’m really working on growing it out) I decided to change all my laptop stickers. I felt so much better.

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