I came and fell in love. Je suis tombé amoureuse, as you would say. First it was with the city, and then it was with  you. I didn’t want it when you came, I could not see myself doing the whole thing again. I was getting better, I was falling in love with me but there you were… With your childish grin. You’ve changed my life, you’ve opened my eyes, and you’ve made me see that love is more than saying but doing. You’ve stayed when I thought it was over, and I have stayed when I have seen you at your worst. I’ve realized that love can be war and it is never perfect.

Thank you for teaching me. For making me see new things I never thought I would see. For teaching me a language I never thought I could speak. For being kind and patient with me, even though I know it’s never easy. I’m not perfect, I can assure you that, but I try my best.

Our love is ours, not yours or mine or someone else’s from the past.

I never thought I would fall prey to the City of Love.



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