“The French are rude and they hate Americans.”

This is probably one of the biggest lies I have ever heard dealing with the French, or so I believe. Never once have I been shamed for being an American (except with my old host family, but even the French think they were weird). Revealing my roots, they get excited and ask me about where I am from. If they have traveled to America, they will recount about their experiences abroad. It is quite interesting.

Something I can say is that they at times can find us quite… not so smart. They are appalled at the fact that Trump might be able to win the general elections. They find our culture at times confusing (don’t be sexual but we can sell sex, can’t drink until we are 21 so everyone just is tempted to binge drink – these are a few of the comments I have heard).

They still try to make us feel comfortable. They have manners and education. If you are lost and ask for directions, most of the time they will gladly help if they know. Going to a French person’s house, they always try to make you feel acclimated. To me, it is a myth that the general French hate Americans. Sometimes, they just don’t understand us, like we don’t understand them.



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One thought on “Xenia

  1. Funny that your post popped up in my reader. Five minutes before I was thinking of how people had “warned” me of he French before I moved there…

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