New Year, New Blog, “New Me”: Welcome

I’ve always found the idea of New Year’s resolution kind of idiotic. Time is just this idea made up by man, and if we truly want to change, why wait for the 1st of January instead of starting right away?

This year in particular started off on the wrong foot. In short, I do not want to give detail, since it is a private matter and still playing out. It made me realize what I needed to start doing in order to achieve my dreams, and live the way I need to. Emotionally I am lost at the moment, but I am trying to put my energy in things that have always made me feel better. I picked up a guitar again, started practicing, I am writing more and giving myself the time that I deserve. I want to start working out and take care of my body, something I have mentioned multiple times on this blog. I have learned that instead of putting others first, and trying to make my life work around theirs, I need to make sure that I am doing everything I can so that I can eventually stand on my own two feet and be financially stable and not dependent on others. Even though New Years is my favorite holiday, I never took the resolutions seriously. This year, it taught me that a new year can lead to new things.

Hence, this year, on the three year anniversary of “Diary of an Expat”, I finally took the jump! Look above! It is now! This year I have told myself that since writing and telling stories is my dream, I will now take this blog more seriously than I ever have. New things are going to coming to this page (hence a new layout to this blog, my favorite so far!). I want to take this time to thank you, the reader, for having stayed throughout my long, unexpected absences. Thank you for still wanting to read about my experiences and letting me rant and tell  you my stories. I am excited to start this journey wth you.

Cheers to 2017 and kikalavil 2.0.



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