Why I Decided to Finally Get Breast Reduction

“How could you possibly want smaller boobs? I wish I had bigger ones! Give me some!” This is a comment I have frequently gotten when I have mentioned that I hate (yes, hate) my breasts. I would always get somewhat quiet, smile and say, “yeah, you’re right… I am lucky.” But what I truly wanted to reply in my hidden frustration was, “yes, but just because you wish you had bigger boobs doesn’t mean you would like my sized boobs. They are already saggy at 18, they give me bad posture, they hurt with or without a bra and they honestly just suck.” I am done hiding that frustration and this is why.

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Hello 2019: Goals, plans and yikes

Well, here it goes. I have been seeing everyone post their plans for 2019 and wrapping up by saying what was the best part of their 2018 and I had some difficulties coming up with a post summing up my year. It was a very difficult one for me. Continue reading “Hello 2019: Goals, plans and yikes”

The Significance of Cutting my Hair

I have always loved having long hair. I feel like I can style it into so many ways (if I actually had the time – but hey, it’s nice having that option right?). So any time I have cut my hair, it is because something is going on in my life. Last time I did an extreme change was a few months before I started university. I was feeling stressed and needed a change in my life. This time around, cutting my hair was a bit more significant than stress due to something new in my life.  Continue reading “The Significance of Cutting my Hair”

2017: A Year in Photos

2017 was a year that definitely tested me. The number 7 is one I absolutely hate. Even though it is supposed to be a *lucky number*, it always seems to be that bad luck hits me. 2017 wasn’t the best of years, but it also wasn’t the worst. Continue reading “2017: A Year in Photos”

My Many Identities: Speaking More Than One Language

I know we all have different versions of ourselves. We have the version of lounging at home on the couch, we have our social selves and we have our work persona. But when it comes to speaking more than one language, I feel like I also have different identities.
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