French Stereotypes : True vs. False

It is that time of year again: Tourist Season. Continue reading “French Stereotypes : True vs. False”

18 Things You Might Not Know About Kikalavil

It has been a while since I have been able to actually sit down and write a blog post. This past month has just been crazy in itself, with three consecutive trips and my university gala. I am certainly not complaining. Val de Loire was a beautiful, countryside escape, Milan was my doorway into Italy, a country I was already in love with but now even more, and Germany was a fun weekend away with friends I had not seen in years. Before I get into my posts about my trips and all the seriousness, I thought maybe I could do a quick little post about things you probably do not know about me. Continue reading “18 Things You Might Not Know About Kikalavil”

Tips to Learn a Foreign Language

It has been two and a half years since I moved to France and something I am very proud of is how quickly I have been able to learn French. I studied French in high school, but the American system is not particularly great in teaching foreign languages. I left high school with a basic understanding of vocabulary and grammar. My French was practically barbaric when I arrived (and something that my first French family LOVED to point out, but if I mentioned their Spanish or English, they weren’t too thrilled when I corrected them). Continue reading “Tips to Learn a Foreign Language”

The Power of a Good Job/Boss/Teacher

I like work. I feel comfortable, I can make jokes, attempt to speak French, and I can talk about my private life and not be afraid of feeling like I am being judged. These are things that with my old host family were unimaginable. When I spent a vacation with my boyfriend (which my old host mom knew nothing about) and came back to work, my old host mom would ask me when I was going to learn French and if I had even attempted to speak it that past week. When I speak French with my new family, my host mom has complimented me on my effort and mentions that French is not an easy language. With my old host family, if the girl broke something, it was my fault for not having paid attention and shame on me (by the way, I love the girl I used to take care of, and am sad I could not say goodbye). With my new host family, kids will be kids and accidents are going to happen. If I bought shoes (or anything else), my old host mom would always eye them and talk about how difficult it is to find good quality shoes these days. My new host mom doesn’t even ask if I show up with something new, but she sometimes comments on what I look like by simply complementing me. Continue reading “The Power of a Good Job/Boss/Teacher”

Speaking Funny 

I’ve always found accents mignonne (cute) and fun to deal with. Growing up with my mom, who still has an accent in English after 20 years of living in the states, I would at times have to translate her English… to English. Sometimes people would look at me when my mom was trying to explain something, and after I re-explained it, they would understand. I would tease my mom about it, and she would take it lightly, always making a joke about it as well. Then I moved to France… and I now understand that struggle. Continue reading “Speaking Funny “