To the Woman Who Taught Me to Travel

On Saturday, August 5th, my mother finally accomplished one of her biggest dreams. She graduated from the University of Purdue (it’s ok, I guess I can allow being rivals only for university – I am a big Indiana University fan). This was a big day for my mother, someone who has sacrificed so much for others. Continue reading “To the Woman Who Taught Me to Travel”

Dirty Old Box

There is a box in my mind
Which I’ve tried to put far behind.
The memories of its kind
Once tried to make me blind.

I blow the dust off,
Flying into the air
I find that life is not fair.

I have learned that Spain
Has left a stain
On that childhood pain.

It is a beautiful mess
Of a heart that could care less.

Now I want to meet that country again,
And maybe try to gain
A different kind of reign.

I want to meet my roots
Without the chains.d


A Beautiful Mess

Give me 6-12 months in a new town or city, my mind will start to think about the next city to live in. It is a habit, something I cannot help. I noticed it the last move, between Oregon and Indiana. I absolutely adored the suburb I lived in outside of Portland, the friends I had made and the high school I went to (my teachers made going to school worthwhile). Then when we arrived to Indiana, I cried for months. Why had I agreed to move when I loved home so much?

Continue reading “A Beautiful Mess”

Toxic Love

It was a tough trip. I got off of the plane exhausted but I didn’t want to go home. I knew I couldn’t. If I were to have gone back to my Parisian studio, I would have cuddled in the darkness with the thoughts and the tears stained on my pillow.

No. I could not go back to my studio. Continue reading “Toxic Love”

I Am a Melting Pot

“Where are you from?”

The hardest question for me to answer. I cringe when I hear those words, I start stuttering over noises that seem to be coming out of my mouth and I start running through all the of places that I have lived the past 19 years of my life (13 to be exact). Ever since I have moved to Paris, I seem to be hearing that phrase more often. Continue reading “I Am a Melting Pot”