#WhenIWas: Growing Up as a Girl 

When I moved to Paris, I realized my femininity. I was in the big city and I wanted to dress well, forgetting the small town norms of jeans and a t-shirt and feeling self-conscious when wearing red-lipstick, I went all out in heels and dresses that made me feel beautiful. I wore pumps for the first time, bought myself a sexy romper for girl’s night (first time I ever truly dressed sexy and a little provocative) and you can now see me always sporting the lipstick, what my friends now call V’s trademark. I always highly believed that my self-conscious of being slightly revealing was due to my body image. This weekend while reading #WhenIWas tweets, I had a sudden flashback to 5th grade.  Continue reading “#WhenIWas: Growing Up as a Girl “

Becoming a Woman

Ever since I was little, I was always told that I was big. My family always commented on my body and on how much weight I needed to lose. I went to Spain one summer by myself at the age of 10 and I remember people commenting on the fact that I had lost weight by the end of my stay. I was too aware of my body from such a young age, something that lead to a secret anxiety about it. Shopping was horrendous and I would always end up crying on my mother’s shoulders, another person who highly regrets commenting so much on my body as much as everyone else did. I look back on pictures now and I was never big. My body just physically grew up fast.

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